Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Nids: Visiting The Drive-in, Without Leaving The Couch

Got your popcorn? Speaker hanging from the window? (This here is an old fashioned drive-in.) Girlfriend, or boyfriend, snuggled up close? Get ready, the movie is about to begin.

Ray Garton's 'Nids evokes all the great feelings of going to the drive-in and watching the latest creature feature to come out of La La Land. (Well, not ALL of the feelings, unless you can makeout and read a book at the same time.) Teenagers at Lovers' Lookout, explosions at a secret research facility, and giant spiders ripping through the population like a machete through a camp counselor, all scream "Let's go to the movies!"

I'm a huge fan of "animals killing/eating people" stories. And if it's GIANT animals, well, that's even better. And giant SPIDERS! I'd better have a sock handy. (Too much? Suck it up, this is my blog, and I'll be gross if I wanna.)

Garton is a great writer, who takes time to develop his characters, without slowing down the story. Too bad most of those characters ain't gonna make it. Still, Garton makes them real people, so that their deaths are real tragedies.

This is a bloodier, more sexual take on the great movies of a bygone day, like Earth vs The Spider and THEM!, a great romp of a story that should be read in 3D! The kind with the red and blue cardboard glasses, not the new-fangled plastic ones.

What I'm trying to say is, it's fun, it's gorey, it's a great read! Just make sure to wipe your fngers, after eating your popcorn; you don't want to get butter on the pages.

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