Friday, July 29, 2011

Delamorte's Dungeon Of Deadly Delights

Time for a little self-promotion.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to be a co-host on Delemorte's Dungeon Of Deadly Delights, a weekly radio show on Hosted by Rob Delamorte (a HUGE horror fan. Like Godzilla standing on the shoulders of Mecha-Godzilla huge. Like Jason Vorhees body count huge. Like big.), with co-hosts Barb Breese, Jessica Dwyer, and yours truly, we chat with folks from all over the horror movie industry, great and small.

My first show we had Lance Henrickson (Near Dark, Aliens, Pumpkinhead). I was able to ask Lance one question before getting dropped from the call. What a great start.

Next up, Linnea Quigley (Return Of The Living Dead, Night Of The Demons). She was a blast, and asked me if I had sour balls. Watch Night Of The Demons to find out why.

My third show we were joined by William Sadler (Die Hard 2, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, The Shawshank Redemption). I did enough research that I knew the name of his High School band, and askd if they would ever play a reunion show. I DIDN'T do enough research, or I would have known that every member exept the drummer (and William, of course) died in a car crash. Oops.

And, just a couple of days ago, we spoke with Robert Kurtzman (KNB FX, Precinct 13, Creature Corps.), James Zahn (Too many things to mention. This guy does EVERYTHING.), and Geno Rathbone (Guitarist for Product Of Hate). They have made a ten minute music video; a mini horror movie (within a movie, within a video). Great guys. And, once again, I stick my foot in my mouth.

So, if you are a fan of horror movies, or just want to hear me make a fool of myself, please check out Delamorte's Dungeon Of Deadly Delights, Thursdays at 8:00 pm, EST, on (and archived on Fridays).

End self-promotion. For now.