Friday, January 21, 2011

Chainsaw Sally

February is Women In Horror Recognition Month, so I would like to talk about one of my favorite women in horror: Chainsaw Sally.
Ten year old Sally Diamon witnesses the murder of her parents and must raise her younger brother, Ruby, all by herself. Sally grows up and works every weekday as a librarian. But at night, she is CHAINSAW SALLY! Bringing justice to the down trodden people of Porterville, Sally prowls the dark shadows, with her chainsaw, a machete, and...sparklers? If you are a good person, you should be safe, but heaven help you if you have an overdue library book, or yu deliver the wrong cookies. And don't even THINK about parking in a handicap parking spot, unless you have a handicap sticker.
Chainsaw Sally is played with sexy savagery by April Monique Burril, and is the brainchild of April and writer/director JimmyO Burril. Encompassing Chainsaw Sally (the movie), The Chainsaw Sally Show (an original internet series), and It's Groundhog Day, Chainsaw Sally, (All available on DVD at the Chainsaw Sally Store, found at, The legend of Sally continues to grow. Season two of The Chainsaw Sally Show is in production, and JimmyO is currently writing The Chainsaw Sally Stories.
I could go on and on (too late!), and talk about Sally's wonderful relationship with her brother, one of the finest pair of siblings ever caught on film. Or I could discuss the cannibal diet of our beautiful anti-hero. I could tell you about my short meeting with April, at Cinema Wasteland, and what a friendly person she is. Or...well, you get the idea. Instead, I will close with:
This is low budget filmaking at it's best, filled with bad (and good) acting, some rough film work, and all the love and dedication the creators could cram in. For fans of independent horror, along the lines of Evil Dead and The Toxic Avenger, look no further than Chainsaw Sally!