Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iron Man Noir

This comic is the reason I decided to blog. I was so impressed with the first issue, I had to share it with SOMEONE.
While I have all of Marvels NOIR books, I haven't had a chance to read them all. X-Men Noir Vol. 1 was a muddled mess. Daredevil Noir was pretty good. Spider-man Noir Vol.1 was the best of the older mini-series. Great story, great art, and a fantastic new take on old villians.
Then, along comes Iron Man Noir #1. What an awesome throwback to the great pulp adventures of yesteryear. Tony Stark travls the world like a scientific Indiana Jones, and is the subject of Marvels:A Magazine Of Men's Adventure. Along with his trusty companion, James Rhodes, Tony faces danger at every turn. And in the first issue, we get to meet noir versions of Madame Masque, Dr. Heinrich Zemo, and Commander Baron Strucker. All great looking pulp villians.
This is "alternate universe" storytelling at it's best. Whether you are a Marvel comics fan, or a fan of Doc Savage style adventures, Iron Man Noir is a winner.

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